Sunday, February 14, 2010

Random NPC(s) Table

1- Jaded gladiator who murders for gold
2- Band of musicians one of whom is secretly a jewel thief
3- Sorcerer possessed by multiple spirits who compel him to drink human blood
4- Secret order of warriors and mystics defending an ancient relic
5- Savages with women for sale
6- Enchanter of luck-amulets prone to cutting insults
7- Self-important master tactician and strategist
8- Child possessed by a legendary sage's spirit, will know many uncanny facts
9- Young man seeking vengeance against the sorcerer who slew his bride with magic
10- Crippled son of a Baron, outcast due to his deformity
11- Wandering bodiless spirit that seeks to drive men mad
12- Casually cruel and vain armiger bravo
13- Blind prophet who wanders the wastelands
14- Likable rogue with dim-witted guards
15- Rich merchant couple, husband unaware wife is actually a disguised Serpent-Man
16- Dancing girl being hounded by a blackmailer
17- Psychic Assassin who seeks to collect a massive fee for slaying a difficult target
18- Baron seeking to overthrow the local rulers and seize their throne
19- A master of disguise and deception
20- Beautiful artist telepathically bonded to a savage warrior

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