Friday, February 12, 2010

New Magic Item - George's Lucky Green Twenty Sider

Today I picked up two sets of Gamescience dice (for $5/set!) and while inking them came up with the following "tribute" to the Colonel and his dice.

George's Lucky Green Twenty Sider
This object appears to be a small, green plastic polyhedral dice with twenty sides numbered either from one through to twenty or zero through to nine twice. If closely examined one will observe that it is slightly "egg-shaped."If the bearer of this dice ever dies as the direct result of a failed saving throw they are allowed to "turn back the clock" and make a second saving throw with a +5 modifier. Once a character's life has been saved by this dice it disappears forever.


  1. Awww. Hey, next time you are in the vicinity of Gamescience dice, could you get me a purple set?
    Because I'm purple, of course.

  2. I just picked up a red set due to several weeks of bad dice mojo.

  3. Oh how my heart yearns for George's Lucky Green d20. But I have questions. Why, George, do you not use this lucky dice all the time?
    No link to the video Blair?
    By the way Les, purple is the colour of MADNESS!