Friday, February 5, 2010

Beneath the Searing Brassy Skies of the Demon Wastes

The Demon Wastes are hot, arid, rocky and very geologically active. The landscape is mostly desert and eroded rock formations, punctuated by tar pits, hot springs, gas vents and volcanic activity. There is much mineral wealth in the Demon Wastes, mostly orange gold, gems, petroleum and radium.

The Men of the Demon Wastes pay homagef Demons and the Lord of Change and base their lives around violence, cruelty, impulsiveness, selfishness and power. Ziomar the Goddess of Bloodshed is almost universally worshiped. Strangely enough, their society has been somewhat "stable" since the founding of their City-States tens of thousands of years ago. They dress in kilts and headdresses of colorful scales and feathers and will often paint themselves in asymmetrical garish, blocky patterns for special occasions.

Dueling is very important in their society and are fought naked with knife or sword. Poison is acceptable as long as both parties agree. They are used to resolve most disputes in the Demon Waste society, and many skilled bladesmen have made small fortunes as professional duelists in these lands.

Slaves perform all of the unpleasant and menial tasks, and due to the cruelty of the chaotic Men of the Demon Wastes they are always in demand; many slavers make the dangerous journey to the lands on a regular basis. The Men of the Demon Wastes also breed Mutants and utilize them for warfare, mounts and specialized tasks.

There are three of the ancient city-states of the Demon Wastes:

Arrushk "The Floating City"
Arrushk does indeed float, upon a vast lake of tar and it's buildings are build upon massive brass barges and vessels. A miles-long pontoon bridge leads across the tar. It's inhabitants are Lhovhami Men.

Ozlaziatl "The Migrating City"
New buildings are constantly being built in Ozlaziatl while older ones are abandoned; over the span of hundreds of centuries the city has actually moved across the Demon Wastes in a meandering spiral leaving a trail of ruins behind. The Men of Ozlaziatl are Kherulhi Men.

Thare "The Spire of Impalers"
Thare is a city composed of one building, a towering needle-nosed spire encrusted with balconies, smaller towers, gigantic buttresses, and sky vessel docks. It is surrounded by a plain of iron stakes, most bearing skeletons and dessicated corpses. Its populace are Ohlvidhi Men.


  1. Love the 3 cities, especially Thare, which I could see being a bit like an evil Gormenghast

  2. Why do they constantly build new building in Ozlaziatl?

  3. Maybe they believe in the Ancient Curse of Ozlaziatl - 'do not settle or else' , thought to the insidious work of Algolian estate agents

  4. Or perhaps the residents "use up" something over time, and are forced to relocate for this mystery commodity which diminishes...

  5. Being Chaotic is more than just an alignment for the Men of the Demon Wastes.

    It's an act of one-upmanship by the Barons and Oligarchs of Ozlaziatl, "screw you great grandfather, I'm going to build an even larger and ornate palace and just abandon your crappy old one!"