Sunday, February 14, 2010

Compiled 100 Random Adventure Plots Table

"76- A terrible howling storm of acid and radiation lashes the land driving all into shelters where they must contend with cannibalistic madness."
Total DM Dick Move.

The below table contains the previous 80 entries I posted (60 of which were written while waiting for all of today session's players to show up) with an additon 20 written after the game. Obviously mangle, invert, remix and so forth to suit your own needs. This is the sort of table I would roll on for a "special" encounter table result or a successful attempt by the player characters to "find adventure."

01- A shapechanging insectoid seductress has been devouring her paramours and taking their wealth.
02- A swarm of psychic hivemind trilobites have been razing the land.
03- A dying wastelander tells of a buried cache of intoxicants and weaponry.
04- A jewel-encrusted skull telepathically speaks of a subterranean vault-palace full of treasure.
05- Cultists is tattered rags with weeping sores transport a palanquin containing a powerful radium bomb with a cracked casing.
06- Shapechanging androids from the future seeks to kill a member of the party.
07- A crack in the ground disgorges massive worm-vehicles with paralyzing dart throwers.
08- A band of Earth Man cowboys recently transported to Algol.
09- An Earth Man engineer, the sole survivor of a recent rocket crash, has the tool and knowledge to manufacture firearms and ammunition with adequate facilities and supplies.
10- A band of Ape-Savants and Ape-Warlords who seek the buries vault of an ancient Ape civilization.
11- A powerful Baron seeks guards to transport a gift of virgin pleasure slaves to a foreign warlord unmolested.
12- Nocturnal travelers have been found dead, with their skulls neatly sliced open and their brains missing.
13- A cave has been vomiting vast dense clouds of pulpy worm-flies that plague neatby settlements.
14- A small army of veiled pilgrims drag a massive iron battelship across the wastes.
15- A monolithic tower of craggy obsidian bearing a burning ruby eye slowly travels across the land.
16- Clouds of green fog have been appearing, they transform all living creature within into slime encrusted mindless animate skeletons.
17- A beautiful blind noblewoman has been seen at night seeking a legendary hero.
18- Glowing portals into the underworld have been seen at night.
19- An Earth Man rocket-jet has recently crashed, it's crew seek to repair it's engine.
20 - A obsessed Earth Man scientist and his beautiful daughter seek guides.
21- A cult seeks someone to slay a child-prisoner.
22- Fanatics seeks a legendary jewel possessed by a tribe of savages in order to reincarnate a sorcerer-king.
23- Advanced subterranean beings are attempting to take over the local criminal enterprises.
24- Followers of the Lords of Light seek to stop a cyborg from finding a lost temple.
25- A intelligence from a plane of pure thought seeks to acquire an ancient super-computer.
26- A hero who is secretly a villain seeks an ancient tomb in order to unleash a linguistic virus.
27- A Baron seeks adventurers to destroy the corrupt armigers of an isolated settlement who are secretly controlled by an insane cult.
28- A warlord-priest with a spaceship-temple and pirate-fanatic followers has been raiding isolated settlements.
29- Thieves have been spreading diseases at taverns.
30- A mad sorceress and a dashing thief seek the secrets of a demon altar located in the depths of a vast precipice.
31- An arrogant sorcerer served by bound nightgaunts seeks to seize the powers of the Human avatar of an extradimensional entity.
32- The heir of an important noble was slain and the standard of his army, a totem of copper and feathers with bound spirits, was stolen.
33- A powerful priest-oligarch seeks his illegitimate daughter who is a pleasure-slave of a wandering mercenary band.
34- A jeweled dagger has been found that induces overpowering greed in those that view it.
35- Demons possess the celebrants of a fertility festival inducing blodthirsty madness.
36- A speaking zorse claims to be a transformed hero that needs to travel to a remote shrine in order to break their curse.
37- A noble seeks guards for a expedition to hunt mutant dinosaurs.
38- The spoiled scion of a rich merchant seeks to hire adventurers for an treasure hunting expedition.
39- Veiled pilgrims are secretly collecting genetic material.
40- An artist seeks grotesque subjects to serve as inspiration.
41- A lamia with the power of invisibility is seeking to raise an army of the dead with the aid of a gang of rebellious noble youth.
42- A band of intoxicant addicted Amazons led by an imperious queen terrorize the land from a sky-barge.
43- An infamous villain of legend emerges from hibernation in a hidden vault.
44- A traveling band of entertainers are said to possess a hidden fortune.
45- A sky-vessel pilot seeks a forsaken temple in order to bring back a deceased lover.
46- Soldiers are hunting a pleasure slave who slew a noble and fled with a powerful energy weapon.
47- A child avatar of Nyarlathotep has been accumulated sword-bearing mindless followers.
48- Ruthless treasure hunters seek a jewel-encrusted cavern inhabited by peaceful shadow-beings.
49- A settlement is haunted by a deformed phantom that summons extradimensional beings.
50- Feuding noble houses conspire to bring war to the land.
51- An intoxicant-addled sorcerer accidentally creates a portal to Iagdhir, inflicting the freezing temperatures and icy inhabitants of that planet on the surrounding lands.
52- An undead Earth Man astronaut seeks the means to return home.
53- A comet crashes mutating the wildlife into bizarre abominations.
54- A powerful Baron begins conscripting children to be indoctrinated into an elite guard.
55- Two rival nomad clans seek a prophetic monolith.
56- A champion seeks a legendary weapon for an upcoming duel.
57- A order or fanatical warrior-monks with a blood-thirsting magic weapon seek to slay a girl-child in order to fulfill a prophecy.
58- A runaway youth is pursued by the Armigers of his Baron father.
59- An assassin-courtesan seeks an escort to a faraway land to begin a new life.
60- A technocrat is using poison and clones to take over a settlement.
61- The insane remnants of a lost civilization have been using a brothel to implant hypnotic suggestions into the clients.
62- Insane scientists seek to entrap a god-like alien.
63- Time travelers seek to control a Great Old One.
64- Alien beings composed of mental energy have been possessing women.
65- A fortress holds the vehicle of an unknown alien race.
66- A spaceman has been using biological warfare, clones and bombs to extort nobles.
67- There is a rich bounty for the head of an intoxicant merchant who dwells in a hidden stronghold.
68- Nobles and criminals both seeks ancient weapons in a underground complex.
69- Scientists need to have their twisted creations destroyed.
70- A demon slayer and his entourage seek a hidden monastery with shrines to the Great Old Ones.
71- A cruel young Baron possesses a treasure map that leads to legendary ancient torture devices.
72- A noble's secret subterranean pleasure vault has been overtaken by recently awakened demons.
73- A noble seeks an escort to take his daughter to a secret cult that dwells at a remote oasis.
74- A youth claims to be a reincarnated hero and is provoking a slave uprising.
75- A sorcerer seeks to offer his daughter to a an ancient subterranean alien entity.
76- A terrible howling storm of acid and radiation lashes the land driving all into shelters where they must contend with cannibalistic madness.
77- A leprous pariah with a metal steed has been hiring hardened mercenaries.
78- A scholar seeks to study a remote tribe that practices unwholesome rites.
79- A powerful sorceress with a bestial lover seeks an ancient weapon contained within an madness-inducing labyrinth.
80- A noble seeks someone to slay a powerful merchant who has been experimenting with ancient alien technology and is guarded by rogue Armigers.
81- Warlord seeks protection from adventurers seeking to rob him.
82- Master thief seeks escorts to rob an ancient tomb.
83- Flawless virgin is sought to ritually marry an ancient idol.
84- Plot to secretly replace a noble house with clones.
85- Secret gladiatorial tournament to the death.
86- Beautiful slave seeks rescue from a demonic master.
87- A mind wizard has been infiltrating the local noble houses and blackmailing them.
88- A local noble has died and his child son must assume the throne.
89- A beacon leads to a crashed spacecraft.
90- Someone's mother has been abducted by a wandering trader.
91- Rival gangs of smugglers declare war upon each other.
92- A bitter knife-fighter seeks aid to destroy an undead abomination that used to be her twin sister.
93- A desperate battle aboard flaming sky-vessels.
94- An automated spacecraft lands disgorging ravenous alien beasts.
95- A golden idol is guarded by a tribe of savages and a mummified sorcerer.
96- A trade guild is waging a secret war of assassination against the local noble houses.
97- Innocent alien youth fleeing their cruel society seek aid to escape their psychic kin.
98- Slavers using an ancient death ray to enslave nomads.
99- A rich merchant seeks to create an android duplicate of a powerful sorcerer.
100- A sorcerer trapped in the shadow planes seeks adventurers to travel to a desert oracle.


  1. Yoinked so fast I had to yoink it again. Just to be sure.

  2. This is spectacular! YOINK!!

    I play more traditional D&D, but I love how few of them need any tweaking at all to be useful. There are a few improvements I can make though:

    "06- Halfling ninjas from the future seeks to kill a member of the party."

    Yeah baby!

  3. This is excellent. Great work.

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