Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gyugoolagutha the Slime Goddess

The mistress of slimes, oozes, molds, Gyugoolagutha is depicted as a towering slender nude Human female with two mold-encrusted crab-like pincers for hands and a heaped fungal mass of slime-emitting gilled organs for a head. She is worshiped by the Mulg who pay no heed to her human servitors.

Obviously a homage to a certain Gygaxian fish-man goddess...


  1. "fungal mass of slime-emitting organs?" I think you've done Bliddoolpoolp one better in terms of unpleasantness. Nice.

  2. Sounds like Nyarlathotep's girlfriend.

    "heaped fungal mass of slime-emitting gilled organs for a head"

    Stop! I'm getting all excited!

  3. Pictures? What happens on planet Algol STAYS on planet Algol!

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