Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Temples of the Outskirt Camp of Yam

The Gold House (Lawful)
Located next to the Goods Bazaar, the Gold House is the temple of Ophurton the Master of Profits. It's wall are of pyrite block and the roof is painted gold. Money changers congregate in the temple and will buy gold and gems for full price while charging 5% for exchanging coinage; there is also a bank with free withdrawals but a 10% charge on deposit, they will not store anything but currency.

The Iron House (Lawful)
Located next to the Mercenary Post, the Iron House is a temple of both Eitor the Father of Soldiers and Vaikhal the Inexorable Iron Wheel, this squat ugly trapezoidal building is of rust red sandstone with massive valves roughly forged from swords and armor.
The offices and barracks of the Mercenary Brotherhood are located in the Iron House where Mercenary Officer may be solicited for employ; as well there are smithies where skilled weapon and armor smiths can make custom items; the temple will buy magic weapons and armor; and there is also an infirmary where the following services are available:
cure blindness 1,000 gp
cure disease 1,000 gp
cure light wounds 100 gp
sure serious wounds 350 gp
cure critical wounds 600 gp
neutralize poisonn 1,000 gp
raise dead 4,500 gp
regenerate 15,000 gp


  1. charging more for regenerate than for raise dead in a campaign where amputation is more frequent than death seems cruel.

  2. I'm just going by the AD&D DMG tables here, although in AD&D amputation was a rare occurrence.

    So I'm going to go with "It's Johnstone's house rule that is the source of this cruelty"

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