Friday, December 30, 2011

[Fortress Eibon] A Visit From The Man

A party of delvers, led by Bonspiel the Cleric, were holed up in a suite at the adventurers' hostel in the Souk district of the outskirt suburbs of Yam City and were paid a visit by an officer of the Yam Watch.

Bonspiel answered the door and was informed that their had been complaints of invisible activity (disembodied voices...discussing banal matters; phantom footprints accompanied by phantom footsteps; kebab skewers dropping out of thin air; etc.) and that he was delivering an official warning citation.

Bonspiel disavowed and knowledge and therefore responsibility, but the official apologetically informed him that he was consistently associated with these complaints and delivered the citation with the explanation that the Yam Guard, the Yam Watch and the Yam Secret Police take a dim view of invisible hijinks within Yam and it's suburbs.

The officer than explained that he had further matters to discuss with Bonspiel; nervous about the three invisible party members that were behind him in the suite as he talked to the watch officer at the door he asked if they could go somewhere and sit down.

At a table downstairs Bonspiel made a complaint, citing that he had received reports that someone had been impersonating from the Mercenary Brotherhood. The officer reassured Bonspiel that the mercenaries had already spoken to them, outraged that someone would pretend to be their client, and took Bonspiels statement with further assurances that the transgressor would be sternly punished if he fell into the hands of the authorities.

Than the officer informed Bonspiel that he had further good news in that regard, and proceeded to fingerprint Bonspiel before making him sit still for one turn in order to take a colour-tinted heliograph of the Cleric. The officer explained that Mustafa of the Mercenary Brotherhood had graciously paid the fees for Bonspiel's identification papers, in order to stymie the imposter.

Bonspiel asked if these identity papers would finally allow him to enter Yam City itself, where his compatriot the child sorceress Floria "the Viperhearted" owned a condominium; but the officer regretfully informed him no while providing a perfumed moistened silk towelette for Bonspiel to clean the ink off his fingertips.

Later that day a child slave courier delivered Bonspiel's identification papers, complete with old-tymey colour-tinted picture of his mug and fingerprints.

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