Friday, December 16, 2011

[20 Questions Pt.1] I'm Omoraz the Grizzled

I'm a member in good standing in the Mercenary Brotherhood of Yam, not one of those scabs; anyways you fresh behind the ears delver assholes probably want to know this shit before you go strutting about the Yam Outskirts.
Now if you're one of those religious types and an adventurer than the Iron Temple,by the Mercenary Post in the Souk, is where you want to go if you're looking for healing. Iman Horopholis is the High Priest of the soldier god, Eitor, and he doesn't take kindly to Chaotic types. If you need more powerful blessings you would go to the Patriarch of Metazon in the Temple of the Father of the Universe in the West Side.

Now Chaotic types should go to the Court of Chaos in the Main, the neighborhood past the Mangle. I'm a honest, Lawful feller so I don't cotton to Chaos Demon worship, but I hear there's a Tent-Temple to Iashar the God of Madness in the Wastes run by some sunburned insane feller. There's also a shit-reeking temple to the Fly Lord, whatever the fuck that is. I hear desperate and depraved folks take their shit there and the disgusting, shit-smeared naked priests turn it into food for them!

Now, if you're looking for gear there's Sword Street, that runs through the Souk from the Mercenary Post past the Goods Bazaar and down to the Black Cobra. You can get all sorts of killing gear and armor from the vendors along it; anything else you can get from the Goods Bazaar, although there isn't any bargains to be had at either place but if you need custom armor made, you will find a smith on Sword Stree.

I figure that this hoochie mama that calls herself The Living Goddess The Scarlet Lady is probably the most powerful spell-caster in the area; although there's plenty of mighty Sorcerers about.

I hear that there's a brooding barbarian warchief, Brool Yoten The Undefeated, that's the mightiest swordslinger about.

There's plenty of rich folks in Yam City itself proper, but I'd say in the Outskirts the richest man would be a criminal vice lord that calls himself The Throttler; he runs the drugs and prostitution rackets in the Souk, the Mangle and Maim and I hear he takes a cut from the action in the West Side and the Mire as well.

If you Sorcerer types want to buy spells go to the West Side and find the Temple of Knowledge and Civilization in you're Lawful; Chaotics would go to the Warlock Court in the Mire; and others head to the Shrine of the Cunning One in the Mangle.

Now if you need a fancy hireling or specialist such as a Sage or Hireling most of them are inside Yam City itself, but otherwise you would go to the Temple of  Knowledge and Civilization for the reputable ones; Chaotic ones would be found at the Warlock Court. For the shady types I'd ask around at the Shrine of the Cunning One in the Mangle.

If you want to hire Lawful mercenaries go to the wooden stabbed full of swords in the Souk; that's the Mercenary Post where you hire members of my Brotherhood, if we find you in good standing with our organization. Otherwise see what you can find at the Black Cobra on Fight Street in the Mangle; if you want some really rough types look up the Vomit Demon Club in the Main.

If you manage to get yourself through the walls into Yam City itself be prepared to give up your fighting irons, armor, and magic items to the customs officers; they're a tight-assed lot, and they have all the time in the world since the spaceport never sees traffic. You can't carry anything bigger than a knife in the city; you can't wear armor; and you can't cast spells. It can be different on private property, but that can easily get you dead; legally dead.

If you want a drink you can get fermented goat and yak milk from vendors on Kebab Street off of the Goods Bazaar in the Souk; for wine, brandy and arrack you have to go in a tavern. Most adventurers go straight to the Black Cobra, where Sword Street ends at Fight Street.

There's a bunch of monsters that folks know from old fairtales and legends that are found in hellholes like Fortress Eibon and in the wilderness of the Yam Plateau; adventurer types often receive rumours about them from associates.

If you're a real hard ass type you can fistfight for gold in the alleys off of Fight Street in the Mangle; I hear there's private basement bloodsports, often to the death, in the Main.

I mentioned the Warlock Court before; I'd stay away from it, and especially something called the Shadow Lodge which is supposed to be a nest of of especially sinister cabals and cults.


  1. Lemme guess, only the most bestial of mercenaries hangs out at the Black Cobra.

  2. @ Johnstone the most bestial yet somewhat reliable mercenaries would be the members of the Vomit Demons, an outlaw "club" of Devil-worshiping cavalrymen, rumoured to be involved in dealing in illicit substances; assassinations for gold; illegal slavery; smuggling contraband; and the like.

    Proprietors of shady businesses in The Mangle, especially the eastern end of Fight Street and Whip Street, often hire them for protection.

    Their clubhouse can be found at the end of Fight Street, where it turns due east and The Main begins.

  3. Oh yeah, that's exactly what we need: more horsemen dying in Fortress Eibon.