Tuesday, December 20, 2011

WORLDS COLLIDE! & Bad-Ass Acid Rock!

1) The Holidays can be a trying period regarding getting a gaming group together, with all the families and celebrations cutting in on our action.

That's why I'm thrilled that someone from the Internet is going to be playing some Fortress Eibon D&D over the Holiday Season! Albeit, I've met internet people before for D&D purposes; that's the source of my long-running infatuation with Red Box Vancouver.

However, I have a new first coming up; playing D&D with an Internet Person From Out-Of-Town!

Benoist/Oldahanan, a frequent poster on many RPG forums, is visiting Vancouver and both he and his wife are planning on playing in the three upcoming holiday Fortress Eibon/Red Box Vancouver games!

Constantcon indeed!

2) Are there any band more bad-ass than these guys? I think not!


  1. That is a holiday favorite of mine from my childhood! I do a pretty mean Wendle impersonation, myself.

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