Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Goods Bazaar of the Yam Outskirts Camp

Caravans from many distant lands converge at Yam, "The Second-Oldest City in the World." In order to avoid the tariffs on goods imported into the City of Yam itself, merchants attempt of offload as much stock as possible in the camp outside the city walls.

The inhabitants of the Outskirts Camp take advantage of this situation and offer a wide range of equipment for the adventurers that come through the camp. These merchants will not haggle over their prices, as "adventurers have far too much gold coming through their hands for it to be seemly for them to attempt to gouge a humble merchant of the money that he uses to support his wife and children."

Standard arms and weapons are available for standard prices, and prices for other gear and supplies available can be found here:


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  2. Hey..
    Really it is 2nd oldest city of the world..
    i never know about it..
    thanks for sharing it with us..

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