Thursday, December 8, 2011

Massive 24(+-) Player Game Tonight!

Thursday is Red Box Vancouver's current gaming night, which I have been using to run Fortress Eibon (relevant aside: when you have a megadungeon with one group playing every week and another playing every third week, unsurprisingly one group gets waaaay ahead in xp, gold, and magic swords!).

We've been wooing the local RPG Meetup group and scammed them into coming down tonight, which is awesome as the more folks the better.

I just check the #'s attending on the meetup page, and with the RSVPs and the regular RBV crew, it looks like there will be 24-odd folks playing tonight. We did arrange for two DMs tonight, but still, thats's still an eleven players per DM ratio.

The largest group I've ever ran is eight players.

I need to start guzzling some Red Bulls...


  1. That's crazy stuff. Maybe time to use those "Party Caller" rules.

  2. Reminds me of old times when I was playing in a large group of 12 or so players going through the D1-D3 series of modules. How our DM, Raymond did it without losing his mind, I'll never know.

  3. I remember an AD&D game or two back in high school ('82) where we had 12 players in a session. I'm not sure how it worked, but it did. Less players led to more role-playing and interesting interactions, but more players meant more wackiness and crazy shit. Good times!

    Enjoy your session!

  4. Have fun! Enjoy the session! And kick some PCs ass! :D

  5. I totally want to know how it went! My personal record is seven players with D&D 3.5 and Labyrinth Lord.

  6. 11 per DM....easy as pie, now 14 or more per DM, that's a challenge ;-)

    With large groups the best thing to do is keep the action moving, keep the players reacting. It's much more sane to have a dozen + people reacting to one person than it is for one person to react to them.

  7. I think the actual numbers were more like 4 in Blair's game and 8 in Johnstone's, so turnout was still great but not as impressive as the # of RSVPs. The lopsided ness had more to do with people not wanting to move their seats than a comment on Fortress Eibon...