Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two Immediate Quibbles re. The Swords & Wizardry Tome of Horrors Complete

1) A whole lotta white space going on here; I really would not have minded a smaller page count in exchange for a tighter layout (even sans the encounters; they're cool, but man, I dunno if I'll ever use any?).

2) No monsters by terrain type?!? Ahem, from http://www.talesofthefroggod.com/index.php/products/the-tome-of-horrors "... and plenty of charts dividing the compiled monsters by CR, type, and terrain...."; with my other monster books I use the monster by terrain listings as encounter tables (by penciling in the #s on a printout of the pdf), and I assure you, I would have gladly exchanged the encounters for some terrain tables, or especially encounter tables by terrain.

It's still a cool & bad-ass monster book, but man, I was really looking forward for there being charts by terrain type for my over the top obsessive encounter tables. ...unless I missed the terrain charts on my first breeze through the pdf?

EDIT: If you preordered it and can't find the PDF on the download site, try checking the "ezine subscriptions" section instead of PDF downloads when you log in.


  1. Whazzat? How'd you get this? I got some link when I preordered the hardcopy but it always tells me "no files to download"...

  2. Signin for your download, but check under "ezine subscriptions"

  3. Or a bigger font? Or bigger illustrations. I really need give it more than a cursory glance to see whether this bothers me or not.

  4. I'd prefer it with smaller illustrations; without the encounters (but use them for a PDF extra); a tighter layout and a smaller pagecount.

    A 700-odd page monster book does indeed "go up to 11", but I personally prefer efficiency and brevity.

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