Saturday, July 30, 2011

Metal/Crust Camping pt II

It started raining so I dug a trench with a bolo machete and strung up a's adequate and fits my bedroll.


  1. hiking metal punxxxxxxxxxx, forever!

  2. If this is 'The Metal Earth,' why are you wearing pants? Shouldn't you have, at most, a pair of boots, gas mask and a headband? Maybe a jockstrap if you are shy? Where is your riding pig? (joke)

    I think my blood must taste like an expensive Chardonnay to mosquitoes, because if I tried to sleep in the dark without a net, you would find my drained corpse with 100,000 little welts on it in the morning. The fuckers will even bite me right through my t-shirt! I envy your ability to sleep under a tarp without death by 100,000 bites.

  3. I was disappointed because at first glance I thought you said "Metal/Crust Campaign"

    Now somebody needs to write me a d-beat LotFP adventure. Call it Disadventure or Dismodule or something.

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