Saturday, August 27, 2011

[Labyrinth Lord] Dear Lawyers: I Assure You That is Definitely NOT A Grell...

Completely unrelated to my previous discussion regarding "serial numbers filed off" versions of WOTC's precious non-open content Product Identity created by fine gentlemen such as Charles Stross, good 'ole Alan sent me his write up for an exciting new floating paralytic-tentacle monster "The Beaktopus."

The material in the quote box below is hereby designated Open Game Content via the Open Game License.
No. Enc.: 1 (1)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: Fly - 120’ (30’)
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 5
Attacks:   9 (8 tentacles, 1 beak)
Damage: (8 tentacles) 1d4 + paralysis / (1 beak) 1d6
Save:   F6
Morale:   10
Hoard Class: XIX
XP:   570

The beaktopus is a solitary underground predator which most likely originated in the fevered dreams of of a wizard with too much time and talent, though not enough common sense. Lucky adventurers who have chanced upon this fearsome creature and survived, describe it as well over 7 feet tall, with a body consisting of a central body from which eight radially symmetrical tentacles descend towards the ground. Each tentacle is covered with small, wickedly sharp hooked barbs which are used to capture and neutralize its prey. A large, sharp beak is found on the bottom of the body, sitting between all of the tentacles, and serves as the creature's digestive track entrance.

The beaktopus moves via a combination of levitation and using its tentacles to propel it, and is completely silent when it wishes to be. The source of the creature's levitation ability is a gland located in the central body, and if removed and lanced, will secrete enough liquid to act as a potion of levitation if captured and stored properly.

When a party of adventurers stumbles upon a beaktopus (for what foolish person would seek one out willingly?), the beast will focus all of its attacks on a single victim, and attack that poor sod with all eight (8) tentacles. If any tentacle his, then not only will each rake the victim's flesh with barbed hooks for 1d4 damage, but each successful attack also necessitates a single saving throw vs. paralysis, with a -1 modifier for each successful attack beyond the first.

Once the beaktopus has successfully attacked its prey and paralyzed it, it will draw the prey towards its beak and in the following turns begin devouring its helpless prey. The beaktopus may move and attack its paralyzed prey with its beak at the same time.

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  1. Nice renditon---uh, completely new creature. And good use of the OGOl small print. ;)

  2. I haven't got my FF to hand, but isn't it 10 tentacles + beak? Or is that part of the IP evasion?

  3. ...which most likely originated in the fevered dreams of of a wizard with too much time and talent, though not enough common sense... ... I love those fucking wizards who just go around doing weird shit. "I want fresh calamari but I live in the mountains... hmmm... I'll just create a flying octopus... yeah... that'll do the trick!"

  4. Does it have a paralytic venom gland you can also harvest?

  5. Andrew - I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Really. No, really.

    Johnstone - nope. The mouth of the beast is host to a toxic sludge of various bacteria and the like, due to the nature of its non-select diet.

    However, if you want to change something, go for it. I promise not to send the rpg police to your house (cue illustration from Paranoia rpg).

  6. Wow this is very cool & in no way like that old Grell this is much better & cooler because that Grell was so 80s anyway!

  7. You are an absolute genius Blair.

  8. You could always do an Affronter, as in the alien race from Charlie Stross' novel Excession. Similar floating beaky tentacle thing.

  9. Doh, I mean Iain Banks' novel, of course.