Friday, August 12, 2011

[Red Box Vancouver Players Stay Out] Awesome Combination of Dungeon Randomosity

If you're going to or could be playing in one of the games I'm DMing at the Grind in Vancouver on a Wednesday night, you better not be reading this!

While working on my Dungeon for the Red Box Vancouver crew an awesome piece of random stupidity emerged.

Using the Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design PDF and my random table of wacked out monsters I ended up with the combination of a room that is an ampitheatre and also contains a Man of Wounds from the swell Varlets and Vermin PDF.

"Hmm" I mutter to myself, "how can I implement this combination to maximize awesomeness?"

...obviously the Man of Wounds is wearing a toga and a laurel wreath, is stuck full of gladii, and will be muttering "E tu, Brute?" at the party...


  1. Some obnoxious Latin scholar will be along to tell you it is "Et tu, Brute?" (pronounced Bru-tay).

    Oh look, here he is now.

    Excellent room!

  2. Thanks Rob! I hope that at least Gladii is correct?

  3. Indeed, "gladii" is the correct nominative plural of "gladius."