Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thanks Your Charles Stross/ If You Want Slaad You've Got It...

Slaad on the rocks
Slaad on the streets
Slaad in the sky
Slaad on the sheets
If you want Slaad
You've got it...
It looks like someone else has caught Open Content Versions of Non-OGL Classic D&D Monster fever, as Bat from Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets has presented the first of the Senufio (SErial NUmbers FIled Off): The Scarlet Marauder.


  1. With a tag, as you suggested and I retro-tagged the Astral Raiders open content because they are the Githyanki with the serial numbers filed off anyway. You are the genius Blair, thank you for inspiring me to do this. I will go through all of the Slaad and convert them. There are changes, more done on a whim to make them more original than merely aping what TSR put out then fear of WotC coming after me. I overthrew a consular office once, I can handle WotC.

  2. And I am not adding the symbols because I figure:

    1) Simple brevity.


    2) I figure that if you can cast the spells it takes to break one of the symbols you could really just cast them on the critter.