Sunday, September 4, 2011

Updated OSR Analogues of Non-OGL Monsters List

Beholder - Eye of Terror; Sphere of Many Eyes *
Bullywug - Batrachian; Thugtoad
Carrion Crawler - Carcass Scavenger; Corpse Creeper *
Displacer Beast - Phase Tiger; Displacer; Coeurl *
Githyanki - Astral Raider
Grell - Beaktopus
Kuo-Toa - Ponaturi *; Koa-Tau ?*$
Mind Flayer - Mind EaterCthonoid *; Thulid; Brain Lasher; Thelidu
Slaad - Senufio; Ogdoad **
Umber Hulk - Wenge Goliath *
Yuan-Ti - Naga; Ophiduan **$

? - ?
* - To my knowledge these monsters are not Open Content
** - Third Edition statistics
$ - To my knowledge no free version is available

The monsters that I'm unaware of having any OSR-ish direct analogues are:
Githzerai - I admit, they don't exactly set the imagination on fire
Hook Horror


  1. For Kuo-Toans, see this post on Ponaturi at B/X Blackrazor:

    I think that Ponaturi also appear in JB's B/X Companion.

  2. There are also the Koa-Tau in a Lab Lord adventure, aptly titled "Shrine of the Koa-Tau". I did the original map on which it was based, and a German author called Moritz Mehlem / Glgnfz made an adventure out of them.

  3. For Yuan Ti, how about the naga I included in Sword & Board:

  4. The Crystal Swords of the Astral Raiders are here:

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