Saturday, May 8, 2010

Urdchatkil Men (Headless Men) & Sphigix PCs

Urdchatkil Men are dark blue or purple skinned, have a stout torso, and lack a neck or head. Instead they possess two widely spaced large black eyes in their chest above their nipples, a broad flattened nose on the sternum, and a wide mouth on their stomach above the navel. Their ears are two small holes located on the right and left side of their chest.

Due to the placement of the sensory organs Urdchatkil Men are surprised on a 1-3 on a d6. They are immune to decapitation and strangulation, and attacks involving burrowing into, consuming or extracting that brain take twice as long due to it's placement in the center of the body mass.

Ability Score Requirements: strength 9, dexterity 9, constitution 9, maximum charisma 9
Allowed Classes: Assassin (up to 12th level) or Fighter (up to 12th level)
Special Abilities: can can attempt a bite attack for 1-4 points of damage in lieu of other attacks

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  1. Those well-thought-out game mechanics have been appropriated. My thanks!!