Monday, May 17, 2010

Awesome Sci-Fi OD&D Supplement - Terminal Space!

The Polish gentleman necro_cyber dropped me a line to let me know that his science fiction/science fantasy supplement for OD&D, Terminal Space, was available for download (the sidebar-widget pdf thing on the right-hand side).

Just a quick first-impression review. It unabashedly proclaims itself a "...supplement for Dungeons & Dragon Original Edition."; it contains lots of genuinely cool/good original art (Spaceman vs. Beholders!); it was originally in Polish, the translation is charmingly clunky but completely clear; it has a d% Deep Space Encounter Table!; solar system, Moon! and planet generation tables; spacecraft rules; pilot, technician and scientist character class; tables for the pilot%, repair% and science% skills for OD&D classes!; a tech level Ability Score!; and a bunch of other wacky, sci-fi OD&D goodness.

I will definitely be printing this out in digest-format and using it in my campaign, and I strongly recommend this to those of like (weird/sci-fi/sci-fantasy) interests!


  1. Thanks for very kind words :-)
    The truth is that the idea of making Terminal Space appear in my head when I discovered Planet Algol :-)

  2. Can't wait to download and print this! :)

  3. I downloaded and read this yesterday. A really awesome little book. I just got 3:16, Carnage Amongst The Stars and I need to smash the concepts together for a sidegame that reads like classic Star Wars and 40K on spacegrass...

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