Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Petitheon (...and disease!)

Despite the hetrodox nature of Algol Man religion, the legends of and the worship of both the Lords of Light (primarily among civilized peoples) and The Lords of Change (generally venerated by raiders, outcasts, criminals, the insane, sorcerers and so forth) are widespread across the majority of the inhabited regions of Algol.

Details may differs, but the Hierarchs of Metazon maintain Idiot Oracles Facilities in both the western and the eastern hemispheres of the Planet. The major domo of a concubine may carry a tiny image of Eishar for good luck while their equivalent on the opposite side of the globe would likely do the same. Children all over Algol are told stories about Iashar to keep them from wandering off into the wilderness.

But some gods are not widely worshiped; are not widely known. Categorized as "The Petitheon" by sages are the localized and obscure deities: the god of a mountain, a pit, a grove. The spirit-patron of a tribe of nomads. The god-tyrant of a remote settlement. Among the members of The Petitheon are:

- The Lake Guardian of Sangkallah in the southern Jungles of Venom

- The God of The Endless Tower in the Klesh Highlands

- The Oracle Idol of The Plain of Burning Stones

- The Inscrutable Steel Thorn that inhabits the Cyclopean Necropolis in the Western Badlands

- The Scarlet Lady of The Iridium Plateau

- The Father God of The Flying City

- The Sea Goddess worshiped by the stunted aborigines of The Sour Coast of The Southern Gash

- The Inexorable Overmaster of the Steel Legions of The Glass Deathlands

- The Prime Council of The Collectivist Horde

Also A Disease courtesy of Bite The Bulette.

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