Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Metazon...Father of the Universe

I just finished the Long Sun series, and I can't stop ripping off being inspired by the mystical future depicted by Gene Wolfe.

Among the worshipers of the Lords of Light, despite the Heterodoxy of Algol Man religion, one deity is widely regarded as "The Father of the Universe, The Father of the Gods of Law, and the Maker of Man," Metazon. Metazon is usually depicted as a tall, muscular man with two heads or faces, one handsome, intelligent and arrogant looking; the other either possessing the blank gaze and facial characteristics of a imbecile or cadaverous and dead. An alternate depiction of Metazon possesses a long, knotted scaly tail; hooves; a pair of wings covered with flaming eyes; and two long-necked, hairy, horned, animalistic heads resembling that of an Earth goat. Often one of the goat heads will be rotting and even lifeless. Lawful theology claims that Metazon is the master of the creation of the universe, time, the great cycle and the destiny of Man. He is often worshiped or invoked by aristocrats (especially monarchs), mystics, sages, and sorcerers, as well as the poor and weak who grovel for his mercy. Those who revere Metazon often refer to the future as "The Great Work of Metazon," with implications that all has been predetermined by him.

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