Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Sphygyx

The Sphygyx, a man-like yet unrelated race, have human-like bodies with soft, short tawny fur and heads resembling a scaled smilodon. Their eyes are amber or golden orbs with no visible pupil; their scales continue in a strip down their spine, and are reticulated like a serpent in greens and browns. Both genders have breasts and nurse their young. Sphygyx society is based upon clans of matriarchal mercenary-nomads, and strongly values tradition, bravery, honor, and hierarchies. The Sphygyx despise cowardice, and many Sphygyx who wander Algol outside of the clans have been driven out by the open scorn heaped upon them for incident of fear upon the battlefield. They prefer battling in chariots, armed with bow, lance, axe and shotel. The Sphygyx worship their own small pantheon of Lawful deities, all depicted as female Sphygyx, and keep collections of small idols of these gods to set up shrines in their campsites or dwellings. Sphygyx do not understand affection or humor, and do not form strong interpersonal bonds; they have a reputation for being emotionless, aloof, abrupt, condescending, and rude among other races.


  1. Do the Sphygyx have radical cousins who go berserk as they chant the name of Mother Sekhmet when they lay about them in a bloody frenzy until sated in their eldritch bloodlust?

    Red Beer anyone?

  2. After googling Sekhment & "Red Beer" I'm going to have to thank you for cluing me into that awesome legend!

  3. Slick creature. Yum, eldritch bloodlust...