Monday, May 31, 2010

An Algol Legend of the Inchoate Aeons

After the Great Old Ones had been driven out of the universe the Lords of Light began making order out of the inchoate matter and energy that swirled in the aftermath of that great battle.

Eventually Metazon devised the varied elements of the universe and set the Lords of Light to crafts his great work. First the stars and suns; than the worlds; than oceans and skies; than slimes, molds, algae and protozoa; than plants; than beasts; and finally Man.

When devising Man Metazon had planned out his body and soul, but desired a means to instruct and command Man and thus invented Language. The Lords of Light were tired from building the stars, worlds, oceans, slimes, plants, beasts, and the body and soul of Man, and thus Metazon was merciful and instructed some of the beasts to assemble Language.

He commanded the Monkeybats to craft words, for they were clever and had mouth-parts like that of Man.

He commanded the Flying Lizards to gather the wind to power the words for they were the most masterful of the winds among beasts.

Finally he commanded the Chitinous Fliers to assemble the components and program Language, for they were industrious and precise in their works.

However, one of the Chitinous Fliers, some say a fly; some say a winged myriapod; some say a disguised Mi-Go; and some say a demon named Baelzebub, worked a curse into Language while assembling it. This curse subverted Language and allowed Man to Lie.


  1. Man, you have just been on fire lately. I cannot wait for the Planet Algol book.

  2. The Cult of the Fly-Lord insists it was instead a disagreement over the nature of Truth vis a vis the body-soul relationship, but they worship a guy made of flies, so whatever.