Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Planet Algol Apocalypse World Hack PDF Download

Here... http://redboxvancouver.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/world-of-algol-pdf/

By Red Box Vancouver maver & stalwart Johnstone. Although it's not canon (as it ventures into giving humans special characterics due to ethnicity apostasy ;) ) Johnstone freaking GETS IT. Dig his awesome photoshopped(?) Algol race thumbnails and try and spot the celebrities...


  1. Ha ha! Are the racial bonuses a no-no? Well, since the character classes stray from canon already, I don't feel that bad about it... beside, almost nobody plays an Algol man!

  2. Super-cool!

    The bard illustration looks like Alan Bishop from he Sun City Girls!

    Well done Johnstone.

  3. Wow. Only skimmed it and I'm hooked. Until the real deal comes out, this is friggin' great.

  4. And is that Barry Bonds in yellow?

  5. Insanely awesome. Best AW hack that I've seen thus far. I totally want to play/run this now.

  6. Thank you, all.

    The pictures are a mix of photo montage and line art, run through filters. The two yellow guys are made of at least three different portraits each. I don't even know what Barry Bonds looks like!