Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't Mourn the Death, Celebrate the Life.../Motorhead

I agree that it's disapointing that Christian pulled the plug on the always inspiring Destination Unknown, but I'm not going to wail and moan... I'm sure the dude will return. Christian has nuked his blog before and he came back. Chicago Wiz nuked his blog and he came back. Scott Driver nuked his blog and came back. Sean Wills nuked his blog and he came back. Generally the only casualties of these episodes is the awesome content lost when a blog is nuked.



  1. Yes, not to mention Scottsz (Old School Rant-->Old School Jump, and others), Greg Benedicto (Eiglophian Press -->Gorgonmilk), etc.

    We'll be here when he's ready to come back.

  2. Wait, wait, wait. You're not going to wail and moan? Boy oh boy.

    But seriously, I think he'll be back as well. But until then, I'll miss his blog.

  3. More blog drama = meh. More Motorhead = AWESOME

  4. 'And Geordie Racer...'

    I'm useless with blogs. It's good to see Christian back. The latest in a long line of failed blogs (Bite the Bulette, Geordie Goes Gamin, Haque in Black) is here:

    and yes - more Motorhead !

  5. Motorhead this and Motorhead that.

    Motorhead are a great band and with all this repetition even you are starting to seem like a cool guy.

    That's how advertising works, I guess

  6. I didn't even realize Christian had left :(, I am out of it...
    OT: Blair are you into the fuzzed out noise crust stuff like Exit Hippies?

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