Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Multiple DM Campaign Thought

Assuming that the DMs involved have a modicum of intelligence and can keep the Viking Hat on while dealing with grasping, wheedling players, there is no reason (assuming that some reasonable, mathematically sound conversion standards are established) that the DMs EVEN HAVE TO USE THE SAME VERSION OF D&D OR CLONE-ESQUE.

As long as the folks involved are reasonable, one DM could run LBB OD&D and another could run Path(math)finder WITH THE SAME CHARACTERS and general setting.

Hell, you could even throw Runequest, Tunnels and Trolls and a ton others in the mix.

Plus using different rulesets provides a DM a rationale for abruptly shooting down "But last week when Monty was DM I could do that!" whinging; "Different ruleset bub, deal with it!"

Just a picture of a pit bull (ish?) on a treadmill being cute; has nothing to do with this post.


  1. From past experience with multi-DM campaigning, getting everyone on the same page rules-wise is a must. True, the DMs will have their secret meetings where they discuss overall matters... however, expect characters to move back and forth between areas of the campaign world, players to talk to each other about each other's areas of the campaign world, and for some players to be gaming with different DMs (and not always different characters) at the same time.

    With the benefit of hindsight, it is more toruble than it is worth... on the other hand, one character from a campaign I ran 5-6 years ago has gone one to be a PC and NPC in several different campaigns, run by other GMs, in the local gaming community - or is that the exception that proves the rule?

  2. I dig the idea of diff rule sets in the same campaign, like if the dream quests in Sean's campaign were a crazier/gonzo rule set, or something ported into regular ad&d that has super power rules...
    "Roll a perception check... you pass? You suddenly become aware that you are dreaming and realize that you have THE POWER TO SHOOT LAZERS FROM YOUR FINGA TIPS!"