Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Cool Stuff Forthcoming; Working On Introductory Algol Adventure; & Red Box Vancouver

Holy freaking crap, Geoffrey McKinney, the genius responsible for Supplement V: CARCOSA, is working on another awesome sounding campaign setting booklet that is supposed to be " outre mingling of D&D and Clark Ashton Smith."

As well, Aos of The Metal Earth has stated "...eventually in an explosion of hubristic abandon, I'll release a digest sized book for The Metal Earth." Man, that book is going to have some killer illustrations!


Now if only Gabor Lux/Melan would translate the rest of the Kard & Magica/Fomalhaut material into English. From what I could figure out via an online translator, there's a hell of a lot of very cool monsters and items in that Hungarian text!

Anyways, I've been working on writing & playtesting an introductory Planet Algol adventure, "The Autarch's Voluptuary:"  
"A remote, small, agricultural dome inhabited by virtuous plebeians; terrorized by small humanoids...but is there something sinister behind these raids? Their caves are but a short distance from the virtuous outpost..."

Fuck. No. It's something absolutely different..although it is a "dungeon." I have several goals with this thing:
  • Presenting an atmosphere of "baroque decrepitude" and insight into the nature of the civilization of Algol.
  • An attempt at avoiding traditional D&D adventure cliches.
  • Emulating classic genre greedy fortune seekers bringing their doom down upon themselves.
  • Ripping offPaying tribute to Gene Wolfe's post-historical literature.
  • And Weird-Fucking-Shit.

Half of the time I'm thinking it's coming together; the other half of the time I feel like it's a sloppy, inelegant, contrived trainwreck-abortion of a mess. Which is good, hating my creation motivates me to hammer and burn the impurities and weakness out of this thing!

This past Monday I also DMed a Planet Algol session with the Red Box Vancouver crew trying out the LOTFPWFRPG rules (which are quite elegant!); I really dig this local Red Box thing! A year ago I would have sworn that there would be no way in hell that I would ever play or DM in a public place like a coffee shop; now I'm DMing in a neighborhood coffee shop, not even knowing who is going to show up, and my only concern is that the radio is on the godawful new-country station instead of the oldies channel!

As always with Red Box Vancouver I had a great time killing two PCs, and I wholeheartedly recommend others to:
  • Drop in if they're in the Vancouver area
  • Check out their own community's equivalent if they're not in the Vancouver area
  • Or start their own local, open, Red Box group equivalent.

As I said before, if we want old-school D&D style gaming to survive, we've got to do our part to help the hobby and community grow and flourish.

Now who am I going to rope into "trying out D&D" next?


  1. Blair, thank you very much for the notice. You and I should trade a copy of our books when they are both finished!

  2. @ Geoffrey: considering how much Algol is inspired by your work, I should just give you one...but I can't say no to a copy of your next masterpiece!

    @ Bill: Thanks!

    @ Aos: You'd be due a contributors copy!

  3. "Now if only Gabor Lux/Melan would translate the rest of the Kard & Magica/Fomalhaut material into English. From what I could figure out via an online translator, there's a hell of a lot of very cool monsters and items in that Hungarian text!"

    That's a "when it's done" kind of project. OTOH, I have a very-very brief 24 page summary of the rules I am using which only needs about two more pages worth of materials before I can release it. It's two very hard to write pages (essentially, I have been procrastinating on it since late June), but still. Gotta release the game that will get my old school license revoked.

  4. "old school license revoked"

    So you are including perception and social skills now? ;)

  5. Yes to the former (although only Listen/Spot, not Search, which tends to rob the game of a lot of enchantment), no to the latter. Guess I am hanging by a thread above the abyss here. .)

  6. You have got to get some of your monsters translated; trying to make sense of them after they've been translated from Hungarian to English by a robot makes my brain hurt!

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