Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Public Algol Game & The Autarch's Voluptuary

Next Monday, September 6th, at the Waves Coffee House located at Broadway & Spruce in Vancouver/B.C., the Red Box Vancouver crew and I are getting together for a public Planet Algol game, using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role Playing Game as the ruleset.

I'm pretty excited about this: I love DMing; the Red Box Vancouver crew are a great bunch that I love playing with; I get to try out the appealing LOTFPRPG system; it'll be a completely different DMing scene from the bong-littered basement of the regular Planet Algol game; and, as a change of pace, it gives me an opportunity to perhaps playtest some Planet Algol adventures & dungeons as opposed to the picaresque hexmap meanderings of the regular Planet Algol game.

I've been brainstorming up an intro adventures for this first session, and this is what I have come up with (very inspired by the pitch for Jeff Rients' Big Dumb Tekumel con game):
"Agog, the Immemorial City of the Controller, is strictly divided into sectors: The Xenon District, where outsiders and merchants mingle; The Reactor Sector, where the Technocrats of Agog labour with the cyclopean ceramic and alloy engines of the Ancients; The Aerie Sector, where Oligarchs and Aristocrats dwell in their palaces upon towers of ancient, tarnished girders; The Golden Sector,  where the Controller, Exarch of the Iridium Plateau holds court in his Golden Ziggurat; and most mysterious of them all, the Voluptuary Sector.

The Voluptuary Sector consists of a massive dome, coloured in swirls of violets and ambers, caked with dust. It is said that it contains pleasure palaces and gardens of the Autarch himself, although it is widely unknown when last the Autarch visited Agog City.

The Voluptuary Sector is an especially forbidden region of Agog City, with trespassers threatened with public impalement; regardless of legal retribution, tales of the synthetic guardians of the Voluptuary Sector deter most thieves and explorers, while the rest are said to be never seen again.

You have been contacted by one who claims to represent a rich Agogi Oligarch that is offering a significant reward of 5,000 virgin gold credits for a certain erotic hepatazon idol, "Ecstatic Trembling Within Writhing Tentacles," that resides within the Concubinatory of the Voluptuary Sector. This representative also claims to possess knowledge regarding a secret entrance to the pleasure dome and how to avoid it's guardians."
So if you're in the Vancouver area and want to drop in for a game, drop by Red Box Vancouver to Penetrate the Autarch's Volupturary...


  1. Very envious - looking forward to reading the aftermath, especially as (as of today) I was looking at using LOTFPRPG for my planned Algolesque campaign.

  2. Very Cool. Reminds me of Smith's Maal Dweb just a little bit, and that's a very good thing. Looking forward to the reports of the mayhem that is about to ensue.

  3. Curious what the reaction will be, given the nature of the setting and so on. The type of fiction you're using as inspiration is already quite unusual to most people.

  4. @ Scott: Shoot, I forgot to credit your Thool intro adventure as an influence as well!

    @ The Acrobatic Flea: Oh, do tell!

    @ B. Portly: You'll be Actual Playing!

    @ Netherwerks: Thanks, that's a great story!

    @ Anonymous: That may be true, however my imagination is so warped that it just seems like an everyday dungeon crawl/Conan story to this brain!

  5. Blair: Wasn't thinking that at all. I'm extremely and sincerely impressed at what you've done with Planet Algol, which has so far outstripped Thool in terms of creativity and execution as to not even bear comparison. :)

  6. Thanks Scott! Thool was a huge impetus/influence, and I only hope to achieve some comparable degree to your torrid, phantasmagorical prose!

  7. I'm a looooooong way off getting my shit together; in the meantime I just devour as much bloggy goodness as I can...