Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Imagine...

...In the interstellar gulf of space, against a backdrop of a lurid purple and blue nebula, a bloated, plastic, tentacled, green, blasphemous form floats, propelling itself through the void by the flapping of tattered, membranous wings.

In the foreground lies a starship, dwarfed by the obscene titan, "Enterprise" on it's hull...

...on the bridge the crew a horde battles of phantasmagoria; scaled, snakey man-like things; slimy, hunched frog-fish men; pink, winged arthropods. "These creatures are highly illogical!" the Vulcan exclaims between phaser blasts.

Kirk double judo chops the Mi-Go before him in it's "shoulders" and it crumples to the deck; over the intercom he cries "Scotty! Are you still there?"

"Aye captain, enginnerin' made short work of these fey beasties!"

"Full power ahead Scotty! Full power ahead!"...

...The Enterprise accelerates forward towards Cthulhu; tentacles severed by the saucer-hull go spinning off into space before the starship plows into the looming, hideous bladder-like head.

Jets of disgusting green gases burst outwards at Cthulhu's mass deflates...

Man, I would love to play in a campaign like that!



  2. I once began running a CthulhuTrek game. It only lasted a couple sessions--mostly because school and work broke up the game night.

    In my game Dagon had granted the deep ones knowledge of space travel. I had the players come across a derelict ship that was completely flooded with water. The deep ones knocked out the ship's shields, uploaded a virus that caused the replicators to mass-produce water, and then transported on to the ship to steal away all of the humans to sacrifice them to their fish-gods.

  3. Azathoth would be a more fitting space-bourne horror than Cthulhu.

  4. Except no one ever drove a ship into Azathoth in a Lovecraft story, so the homage up there wouldn't work.

    Also, one of the things that sets the Mythos apart from other horror is that all the monsters are from space, even Cthulhu.

  5. ST: The Original Mythos!
    That would be an awesome game. I was thinking about running a Scooby CthulDoo game using the Ghostbusters rules, but I might have to shelve that in favor of this idea!

  6. Relevant Thread. Here's some stuff I pointed out.

    A few years ago, when I was more enthused about 'running' Beyond The Final Frontier, I started writing an article on exactly this topic, called 'The Doom That Came From Space' or something like that.

    The first part was ideas for converting Call of Cthulhu adventures to Star Trek, including series outlines for SoYS and MoN, and talking about horror in Trek, both in running it and examples of it from all the series (and negotiating the humanism-antihumanism Trek-HPL divide in tone).

    The second part was conversions, revisionings and fittings of CoC things into Trek (including examples of mi-go spaceships), sinister interpretations of regular Trek species (like why the Breen wear suits), and episode outlines for each. I've got a few crazy ones (The Ruins of Aldebaran III and 65 Million Years To Earth) I still really want to run.

    The SFier interpretations of Mythos elements in Trail would also be a big help here, especially for stripping out the cliche cultist/tome parts where they don't fit.

  7. Anonymous: Cthulhu or another The Next Generation "rubber face prothesis" race ;)

    Dear God: YES! Very awesome!

    By the Sword & Kelvin Green: You two don't know how enthused I am about such a geeky discussion occurring on this blog!

    JJ: Go for it!

    Chris Huth left a great comment regarding this topic that I recieved via email but didn't show up on the blog, I may edit the post to include it.

  8. Like the idea very much!

    For the german version of CoC there is an one-shot adventure called "The Icarus-Project". It's a little bit like "Event Horizon" meets "Cthulhu" - or better Azathoth. It's about a space ship which jumps into the center of the universe - and into the mouth of madness. :D

  9. Logan, I'm not surprised that was a one-shot, I'm sure it was a pretty short adventure! ;D