Monday, August 16, 2010

Monster - Khorhung (Four-Armed Giants)

# Encountered: 2-8 (6-36 in lair)
Armor Class: 5
Movement: 9"
Hit Dice: 4+4
Attacks: 1, 2 (at -4 'to hit') or 4 (at -8 'to hit') for 1-10 or by weapon with +2 on damage dice.
Special: immune to fear
Intelligence: Low
Alignment: Neutral
Size: L (8-9')
Hulking, muscular humanoids with leathery, thick, hairless ocher hide; four powerful three-fingered arms; flattened, oval ear-less heads; bulging, metallic, green compound eyes; pit-like nostrils; and a wide, lipless mouth full of dark indigo tusks. They  wear loinclouts and battle harnesses of scaled hide and carry several crude stone-headed axes and spears.
The Khorhung inhabit the wastes and deserts of Algol where they hunt massive beasts; wage war with other tribes of wasteland inhabitants; and occasionally raid the caravans and settlements of the soft, civilized men. They are a simple people that love fighting; physical exertion; and gorging on meat. Despite their proclivities for raiding, they will trade with outsiders on occasion, and especially prize quality battle axes and great swords, which they are capable of wielding with one hand.
Due to their four muscular arms Khorhung are capable of attack with two weapons in one round (with a -4 on all attack rolls) or four weapons (at -8 on all attack rolls); they are also capable of biting while disarmed or wrestling for 1-6 points of damage. Due to their great strength they inflict +2 on damage dice with weapons. Spears and thrown rocks are the only missile weapons that they commonly use.
Khorhung tribes will often have champions and chieftains with additional hit dice, up to a total of 8+8 for grizzled hero-warlords.

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