Friday, August 13, 2010

Magic Item - Dagger Of The Akhtholanduvian Karcists

Chalk fondled the sinister dark, curved dagger.

"I wish you'd get rid of that thing already!" Koram harshly whispered as the party crouched behind a fragment of the massive brassteel girders that supported the lilac dome above them.

"Quiet!" whispered Valance, "there's a pack of rubbery things with metal limbs coming out of that hole in the ground."

Koram quickly raised the strange silvery weapon that fired lines of violet energy.

"My mistake, it's just spider venom hallucinations again."

"This whole fucking world is like your fucking spider venom hallucinations!" muttered Chalk as he continued caressing the malicious looking knife.

The signature weapon of the aforementioned Karcists, a shadowy destruction cult of Assassin-Sorcerers from the Flying Mountains of Ylesh who terrorized the regions below tens of thousands of years ago during the Aeon of the Ivory Autarch.

The weapons are single-edged crescent-bladed daggers of dull, dark hepatazon, tarnished a almost black by the millenea. They are +2 to hit and damage, and if the wielder strikes with a natural 20 on the attack roll the target loses one life level to energy drain and the wielder takes 1-4+2 points of damage.


  1. Cool item, and even better Ancient Vaults homage.

  2. That is too cool!
    Drat if I wasn't half dead this week and caught it two days late.
    Awesome visual.
    About time for me to unleash my Planet Algol homage.

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