Monday, August 23, 2010

Assorted Algol Related Material & SPACE!

Bat from Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets freakin' Blows My Mind ...and also may have unintentionally provided a potential solution to an Interplanetary Castaway Situation in my own game...

Il Male of The Doomed Wasteland provides us with Random Robot Generation; Random Cults and Societies in Standard Fantasy and Weird Science Fantasy flavours; and a table for Generating Rough Hexmap Hex Contents.

This blog post is actually a set of bookmarks for when I get more ink cartridges for the money pit printer...


Put up with first 1:45 or so, it's worth it...

Somewhat relevant to the above video.


  1. Wow, that video was weird, especially at 3-something a.m. with headphones on.
    Blair, you coined sporecery, I just run with it and sometimes I wonder how to keep running with the fungus and things happen. We are on the same spore-ific wavelength sometimes, though, and the fungus flows.

    I so want to Planet Algol-ize Sorcery & Super Science! and add a sporecery Whisper (Whispers are like 4-step magic spells).