Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Master/Meta Wilderness Encounter Table

This below is the "master" wilderness encounter table I use to determine which edition/game's wilderness encounter table I use to generate wilderness encounters in my Planet Algol game (it's usually just rudely wrote down on a piece of scrap):

1. Expert D&D
2. AD&D Fiend Folio
3. Empire of the Petal Throne
4. Arduin
5. Gamma World
6. Mutant Future
7. Carcosan Grimoire
8. Savage Swords of Athanor

I usually reroll or "re-skin" inappropriate results; for some reason my dice LOVE the Arduin result, which can have ....unfortunate... results.


  1. That is a pretty cool spread. Slaadi leading a group of pigmen against the group when something really weird attacks....priceless.

  2. Oh man, I never thought of a combination result!

  3. You speak of "Arduin result" like it a bad thing. ;D

  4. Oh, you have to do the combination, Blair. Nobody will expect the weird, mad concoction.