Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hexes of the Iridium Plateau Completed

Viewable here on Referees' resources, for the eyes of DMs only, is the description of the contents of the Iridium Plateau Hexmap, detailing the monsters, lairs, ruins and so forth of the region.
XXXX: The jungle is full of flowers, which swarm with bees. Closer examination reveals that the bees are actually minute insect-humanoids. Their hives are full of narcotic honey and are guarded by strange Plant-Nymphs.

XXXX: A shabby hut on tall stilts, much larger on the inside, is home to Xulgzquoqil, a 10th-level Sorcerer always clad in filthy gray hooded robes that conceal a hideous alien worm-being.

XXXX: The Holy One, a lawful good 8th-level
Agogi (Pink Man) Fighting-Man/Sorcerer with psychic abilities, has a simple camp here. He is on a quest to destroy an ancient evil in The Temple-City of Klovoyga in hex XXXX.

XXXX: A slender tower of blue metal is the abode of The Sky Masters, 2
7th-level Zhaxxi (Silver Men) Fighting-Men and their 2 Giant Pterosaur mounts (Monster Manual II).

XXXX: This foul spire is rotten throughout it's mass with massive slimy tunnels bored by uncounted legions of blotchy, albino Purple Worms that thrive on the unique sentient ores and crystals that permeate this mountain. These living minerals are an important component for constructing certain positronic thinking-engines.

XXXX: A sprawling complex of massive rusted engines is home to 32 Fighting-Men (of a mixed racial composition) with a 3rd-level Barshi (Black Man) leader, who are the psychically-enslaved servants of the 70 fossilized crystalline brains of an extinct race of insect-sorcerers located in a crypt deep beneath the ruin.

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