Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Monsters on the Swords & Wizardry Board

Stripes are exotic and being half-striped is even more exotic.

I just saw these great monsters created by darthmike on the Swords & Wizardry Project Monster Book Forum.

EDIT: Myrystyr was kind enough to inform me that the Swords & Wizardry Monster Book is available from Mythmere Games on, only $3.50 for the pdf. I also need to purchase Eldritch Weirdness, City Encounters, Knockspell magazine and the Spire of Iron and Crystal.

A Couatl actually looks like a scaly-lipped giant duck.


  1. Order ye the S&W Monster Book from Mythmere's lulu store - go on, y'know ye want to :)

  2. I'm planning on it, it looks excellent!