Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Earth Man Character Concepts, the Bizarre Adventures of HG Welles and upcoming content on Planet Algol

The "Earth Man" character option has proved to be a popular choice with the players in my Planet Algol campaign. Partially, I believe, due to the fact that it provides the player an easy "handle" with which to explore this bizarre planet,

Here's a couple of Earth Man character concepts some of my players have expressed a desire to explore in the future:
- A high-charisma cowgirl, "I think I should have those jewels, Yee Haw!"

- A LSD professor, "Groovy!" (I imagine him wearing a bow tie)

- And my favorite, the dreamlands-esque dream adventures of H.G. Welles! (Very appropriate considering one of the threats I'm planning to place in the Western Badlands, and it may explain why he wrote The War of The Worlds. My reaction to this idea was "Is he going to fight with a cavalry saber or a sword cane?")
Looks like I have to do some work on my "Means of Non-Rocket Arrival on Planet Algol" table.

PS I've been busy the last couple of days and will be for a few more, I'll catch up on comments and post some more content when I have some spare time.

Still in the Queue for future posts:
- The Mind Wizard class, a psychic illusionist/monk style class

- Encounter tables for the Iridium Plateau regions

- The brief, vague history of "Planet Algol Universe Earth" (the utopian rocket age future began in 1950, stimulated by Elder Race artifacts discovered by the Nazis in the course of their antarctic flying saucer research..)

- Revised Cactoid & Sage classes

- Revised Iridium Plateau Referee & Player maps

- More monsters (Mulg fungus people, Cactogres, Pallid Croakers, etc.)

- The Western Badlands

- And lastly but not least: Compiled player and referee documents to be printed out and assembled into digest-sized booklets. I just wish I had the talented Mr. Peter Mullen in my pocket...


  1. I love this blog! Keep it coming.

  2. Ahem...hmmm MMMMHHHAAAHAHEEMMMMmmmmm..memmahemm. I'll be done with your cover by xmas. No you worry.

  3. Problem is that I need 3 covers now...

  4. Looks like a whole lot more good ideas are on the way, I shall be eagerly awaiting them.


    Plus, I am nearly visibly excited about the revised Sage class.

  6. You guys do realize that the Cactogre is something that kills your characters, not a new racial class?