Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Brief History of Earth in the Planet Algol Universe

Purposely vague. I imagine Earth Men explorers as the cigarette smoking and coffee drinking engineers and scientists of 1930s-50s science fiction.
193? - Occultist and scientists, working for the third Reich, uncover the remains of prehistoric civilizations and their previously unknown technologies. This spurs an "ancient technology arms race" between the Axis and the Allies as both sides desperately search out the ruins of these civilizations and attempt to understand and replicate their works.

194? - The Third Reich is defeated as the Nazi High Command flee Earth in their flying saucers. The horrors of the war, especially those involving ancient technology, convinces the nations of the world to work together and an age of technological utopia begins. The cold war and blocs of our post-war Earth exist, but are more of a "friendly competition" in nature than a deadly serious issue. Despite their political and ideological differences, the nations of Earth avoid warfare and work together for the social and scientific advancement of humanity.

200? - The first interplanetary rockets are dispatched from Earth, many of them headed for destinations indicated by ancient star maps. These are scientific expeditions and due to the political climate of Earth they are "demilitarized."

21?? - Earth Men rockets begin arriving at Planet Algol, usually one expedition every decade or so. Many are disorientated or damaged by the space-time distortions that surround the Algol system.


  1. Neato!

    > Nazi High Command flee Earth in their flying saucers.

    Ah, the best villains never die, only escape. Of course players know this and go out of their way to utterly destroy villains, their underlings, followers, family members, and everyone else who might come back either for revenge or to continue the villain's nefarious scheme.

  2. Nazis... I hate those guys!

  3. The final boss of Planet Algol is Hitler's brain...

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