Sunday, October 4, 2009

Favorite Gaming Music - German Oak

Some of my favorite music to play while gaming is the first, self-titled LP by German Psych/Krautrock band German Oak. Their subterranean, grim yet funky jams are the perfect soundtrack to a Richard Corben/Ralph Bakshi animated rendition of the stories of Clark Ashton Smith.
" underground rock band consisting of five hippies from Dusseldorf who recorded tracks in a WW2 bunker, trying to capture the chaos, terror and bewilderment of war, air-raids, invasion and occupation. Neither fascists or Nazi-sympathisers, German Oak turned their anger on their parents generation for letting the National Socialist Party get to power. With a sinister, militaristic cover and 'off-putting song' titles, their first album sold less than 10 copies..."


  1. Thanks for the intro to German Oak! Creepy and weird, good stuff. Reminds me a bit of Peter Frohmader's "Kanaan Live" or his Nekropolis album "Musik aus dem Schattenreich."

    Keep on krautrockin'!

  2. I'll have to ask my better half about those albums, she's the household krautrock/psych/prog expert (I'm the resident "kill your mother music" expert) and check them out, I can definately use more sinister funky background music!

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