Tuesday, November 8, 2011

[Flailsnails] Prepare to Die - Fortress Eibon

This past Sunday saw the initial session of my Dark Souls-inspired [Flailsnails] Fortress Eibon Megadungeon, using OD&D with supplements as the rules.

The basalt towers of Fortress Eibon, located outside the archaic silk road city of Yam, was inhabited by untold generations of a clan of Sorcerer-Aristocrats until a hundred years ago when it's masters were overwhelmed by the black magic they sought to control and their names were erased from history.

The Nine Towers of Fortress Eibon thrust 210 feet into the skies, it's walls stand 130 feet tall. Tales speak of dungeons extending as far below the earth as it towers above the ground.

This past Sunday several adventurers sought fortune within it's walls. Rumors speak of ten(!) of them falling to giant fleas, and one being cut down by sour-smelling bundles, as well as as Cleric reaching the second level of experience.

I currently have 9 levels comprising 829 rooms mapped and stocked of Fortress Eibon, and my intent is to run it at my home group games and Red Box Vancouver on a regular basis.


  1. 829 rooms- that's crazy awesome!

  2. Wow that is impressive! 829 rooms of death & mayhem

  3. Great! Want to see some maps and: Want you crack the 1000 rooms? ^^

  4. If you ever release this, say in one-page-dungoen-level format ala early Stonehell, expect it to become a vampire fortress somewhere in Seeded Space ;)

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