Friday, June 17, 2011

What I Learned From Death Frost Doom (spoiler)

If you are adventuring in a mileau that has undead and your are exploring a dungeon and you find rooms with doors containing butt-loads of corpses, iron spike the doors shut.

Next time I play D&D I'm triple confirming that I have iron spikes in my inventory!


  1. The PC group I DM'd Death Frost Doom for survived, they had lot's of rope, a MU with spiderclimb and some iron spikes.

    Well they didn't all survive one gent tumbled to his death racing his horse away from the place.

    So I'd say you are spot on, Iron Spikes = good

  2. Advice from playing through it, or reading it?

  3. @ JDJarvis: It certainly sounds like they had the proper boy scout/parnoid survivalist mentality! Having horses read to "beat the hoof" seemed another prime survival strategy when I was thinking of how one could "beat" DFD. It's also so awesome a PC died that way, so lurid and pulp; obviously his body would by horrifically devoured by the shambling wall of undead!

  4. When I ran it, the party spiked those doors *open*, to make sure they wouldn't get trapped inside. Whoops...