Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15 Days Left to Order Tome of Horrors Complete...

The news is Here and Here, order Here.

Sure $99 seems steep, but compare it to the price of a sports jersey, a new video game or a tank of gas...

I can't wait to get my meathooks on it (or my digital meathooks on the PDF)!


  1. What will the price go up to afterwards? Or is it just a limited edition? I should probably have been paying more attention..

  2. First thing in the OSR that's made me curse my poverty.

  3. He's only printing enough for the pre-orders (maybe just a few extra, I think.)

    It's gonna be cool, especially with the lairs by Mr. Stater. But, $99 is awful steep and I've already blown about $100 bucks on gaming stuff this month. So, I'm done and shall have to pass on this.

  4. @ Ze Bulette: I believe that this is a one-time only deal, unsure about the PDF situation.

    @ Antion: For me it's pictures of 70s OD&D box sets and Otus/Fantasy Art Enterprise Necronomicon that make me curse. ;)


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