Thursday, June 16, 2011

Firestorm Coming Closer - Napalm To The Bone / The Claw!

Nowadays 99% of the music I listen to is Motorhead. I listen to Motorhead to keep awake on my way to work. I listen to Motorhead when I'm about to come uncunted with the endless shit buffet of work. I listen to Motorhead when I'm trying to stay awake on my way home from work. I listen to Motorhead to get psyched up on my way to write night exams.

There's 3 reasons I can't stop smoking. Work, school and Motorhead. When I need guidance from a higher power I play a random Motorhead song. When the missus gives me hell for wearing trashed clothes I'm confused, they'd be good enough for someone in Motorhead to wear.


This magic item appears to be a heavy articulated gauntlet of rusty iron adorned with images of skulls, chains, iron crosses and some sort of helmed, tusked boar-monster.

Once every night the wearer may select a member of the opposite sex (or of the same gender if they are of homosexual or bisexual inclination); the wearer will have an 18 charisma in regards to their target until dawn, who must also make a save vs. spells or fall under the equivalent of a charm person spell until dawn while also disregarding all current romantic and/or sexual partners.

When worn The Claw functions as a +1 magic weapon, striking for 2-7 points of damage.


  1. Word. Lemmy's tomb is in the 2nd level of my megadungeon.

  2. Lemmy's empty tomb, i assume.

    He doesn't want to live forever ... but apparently he is.

  3. There is no Lemmy body mouldering away in the darkness. Only funerary statuary, traps for the un-metal, and the glorious METAL AXE.

  4. I found this and you might like it:

    It's got Traveller (old school rpg) AND Motorhead. \m/

  5. Holy hell, Blair, I just realized how to solve all this moral debate crap:

  6. Joesky Tax for the win! A lovely little magic item.