Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jewel Throne Update and 3E Monster Book Query

1) I'm writing the mathematics final for this term on Tuesday and than I'm stone free from school concerns until July 4th (at which point I'm also switching to 5 hour work days... Heaven!). So next week I'll be commencing with the assembly and layout of the Jewel Throne material.

I'm embarrassed by the ridiculous delay, the product of a collision between the JT blowing up bigger than I imagined and being overwhelmed by the combination of working and schooling (I'm a lazy man by nature).

2) What were the good 3/3.5 monster books with open content? I only used the Tome of Horrors in those days ( indication why old tyme D&D suits me: I buy every monster book I can find) although I recall the Kalamar book having some swell content. Frankly I thought a lot of 3E monsters were like something out of final fantasy or pokemon but there was good stuff.


  1. Monsternomicon by Privateer Press was really, really good IMO. I regret that I got rid of mine to be quite honest.

  2. The Monsternomicon for steampunky magitechy stuff was always a favorite, but for your style I recommend Denizens of Avadnu (Gallery), which was always a favorite of mine that never seemed to get the love its full color, glossy weirdness deserved. Also, it's apparently on clearance for $10 right now.

  3. I'd agree with the Avadnu suggestion and add the Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary by Atlas games.

  4. Quietly makes notes in book for monsters & take your time on Jewel Throne. I've seen the incredible content here on Algol & I'd rather wait for great stuff!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions:)

    @ huth: I dig the first feller; in my Pluton Zone game there's skull-faced "Skull Strider" on the desert world; they're like the shaggy horn things from STar Wars but with skull-faces/heads.

    @ Needles: The material for Jewel Throne is all written, I just need to lay it out :)