Tuesday, December 7, 2010

High Level Fighter Option - Superhero

"For extra silliness whenever a Superhero comes up on the chart, model the character on someone like Batman or Spider-man. "Welcome to stately Wayne Castle. I am Sir Bruce." - Jeff's Gameblog
Ordinarily (According to a mash-up of AD&D & B/XD&D), when a Fighter character reaches the ninth level, they acquire the level title "Lord" or "Lady," and are somehow entitled to build a castle; kick the monstrous squatters out of the region; attract a private army of loyal goons who patrol this area; and become a Baron or Baroness with their own private Barony that they collect tax revenue from.

Optionally, Lawful (or Good) aligned Fighter PCs who attains the 8th level of experience may choose to forgo the aforementioned benefits (title; attracting men-at-arms; building a castle; controlling land and collecting taxes) and instead become a Superhero.

A Superhero gains the ability to use the combination of a Distinctive Costume and a Dramatic Pseudonym to serve as a Super-Heroic Persona, with the benefit of successfully concealing their true identity while so disguised.

Superheroes may also choose to benefit from the following abilities:

- They may build a Secret Headquarters, in a hidden wilderness, rural, or urban location. This has the same costs are ordinary excavations and construction, but will be performed in secret with attracting attention, especially from the authorities. Under ordinary circumstances this Secret Headquarters will not be found.

- They may choose to attract a Sidekick, an utterly loyal, Lawful (or Good) aligned follower (d%: 01-40 4th level; 41-95 5th level; 96-00 6th level). This sidekick will utilize a costume and pseudonym to the same effect as the Superhero character.

Superheroes who become evil become Supervillain (reversed Superheroes).


  1. KAPOW! I like it, maybe they could also acquire a Theme Tune, that could give a bonus to actions (fight, sneaking, chasing etc) once every 24 hours.

  2. So awesome. I might have to borrow the concept for NOD.

  3. It so works, Batman, Zorro, Robin Hood, Daredevil, etc. would all work (well with some minor tweaking) in a DnD setting. super-cool.

  4. Thanks guys!

    @ Geordie: So you're saying grant them a Daily Power? ;)

    @ Matt: Borrow away!

    @ Booberry: I only wish I could check out what inspired lunacy is surfacing on YOUR blog...

    @ Evil Ben: Zorro, Robin Hood and the Scarlet Pimpernel all served as some degree of inspiration!