Sunday, December 19, 2010

Megadungeon Maps (Spoilers!)

Disclaimer: If you are a player in one of my games than you damn well know better than to be looking at these or the comments ;)

Below are the maps for the first four "main" levels of my Algol megadungeon; there are a few multi-level side dungeons as well. Click to embiggen:

The main area of the first level, with more to the south.

The southern region of the first level, SPOILER "The House of the Snail," the eponymous inhabitant being some sort of invertebrate savant./SPOILER

The second level.

The third level, SPOILER which I think of as an "offside mezzanine"; the connections between the second, third, and fourth levels are complicated by an adjoining complex of levels, the maps of which have not been posted./SPOILER

The forth level, SPOILER with architecture dissimilar to that of the above regions./SPOILER


  1. Nice.

    Very nice.

    I love hand-drawn maps.

  2. Excellent! Perhaps a silly question much, if any, have you stocked of it yet?

    I really like that loooong tiny claustrophobic passage leading to the two caves (?) from room 104...I can imagine the fear setting in halfway down that.

    The total batshit insanity of the first level...I'd love to try mapping that from a players eye view.

  3. Good stuff there. I like the second level's long halls. Slowly counting off the party's progress as they creep down halls, punctuated by occasional dice rolls, adds wonderfully to the tension. Their tension.

    Have you considered one of Michael Curtis's hangways?

  4. Agree with Andrew and Pat: that hallway between 34 and 134 is going to cause some drama. How would you even go about trying to retreat if things go white-ape-out-of-a-cage crazy?

    Love the warning to your players prior to read as well. I can only imagine you as the sort of DM who may enjoy a goodly jot of Mr. Hargrave perhaps a bit too much... mwaa ha ha ha!

  5. I love the density of these maps, great stuff!

  6. I think Blair mentioned in another post that the first level was stocked (at least).
    Blair, quick question since I'm working on my own sprawling mindeff of a dungeon, how long did it take you to map+stock what you have done so far?

  7. These levels have a nice feel of interconnectedness. Slight profusion of rectangular rooms, though; especially in the main level I complex.

  8. Very nice hand-drawn maps! I like the hand-drawn, too. They are really old-school!

    But I miss some structure behind the maps, but I hope, I will understand the complete idea behind them, when the discription will be released.

    Sorry for my bad english... :(

  9. mwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaa..... oh, the delights of being on the other side of the curtain.....

    roll out some tpk's for me, blair!
    preferably swarms of Xorn...

  10. Thanks guys!

    @ Dyson: Not as nice as your maps!

    @ Andrew: Only the first level is stocked, although I have monsters, treasure and features list for the levels below.

    @ Pat: I certainly have; I already have gates to Carcosa, Fomalhaut, Athanor and The Metal Earth in my game.

    @ 1-Hit Wizard: Unhealthily so!

    @ JJ: I have no idea, I've only done some of the stocking, mostly just hours(?) of drawing and modifying maps.

    @ Mela: Initially I tried to avoid rectangular rooms, but I had misgivings due to the time required to describe complicated rooms; I took the observation to heart and did significant revision to break up the "rectangularity," some of which is influenced by Star Wars.

    @ Mattias: I'm even unsure regarding the ultimate structure behind the maps! No worries regarding your's charming!

    @ Fat Cotton: I'll blame the Xorn TPK on you; although my Xorn form gangs and not swarms...

  11. awesome design, could you give me some tippers? i'm trying to create a dungeon myself.

    send to ( but this is not a chance to send me other stuff, you have been warned.)