Friday, December 10, 2010

Magic Item - Stuffed Crocodile

A lot of the childrens'/young adult fantasy fiction I've read features a stuffed crocodile a part of the Wizard's lair set dressing...

This item is a roughly man-sized crocodile taxidermy, with two chains attached to the dorsal surface, one above each pair of legs.

When hung from the ceiling of a magic-user's laboratory, workshop, and the like, it reduces the time and cost associated with magical research; spell transcriptions; potion brewing; and scroll scribing by 10%.

If a combination of the Speak With Animals and Speak With Dead spells are used, the stuffed crocodile will turn out to be quite the chatty gossip.


  1. Cool! I like the possibility of gleaning knowledge for spells and potions from a stuffed crocodile.

    FYI: The crocodile/alligator became associated as signage announcing apothecaries, and, later, in cabinets of curiosities, as the Europeans were making new biological and pharmaceutical discoveries during the Ages of Exploration and Sail.