Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Post-Apocalyptic Gaming? How About Gaming During The Apocalypse!

There's been a lot of talk about "post apocalyptic" gaming, but what of gaming during an apocalyptic event? During the past two Planet Algol sessions (the two-hour "end of Season One" event) things have taken an eschatalogical turn due to the agency of one of my random plot tables and the actions of the players. Previously, when the party was holed up in Kharhem during a radiation/acid rain/cannibalism madness storm, it was grim survival horror, but that was only a week and it affected a limited region...the event unleashed by the players is of a much greater order of magnitud, a mash-up of Snow Crash, Stephen King's Cell, and Pontypol...


  1. I agree, "post apocalypse" is often after an awful lot of the fun has already happened.

    The setup for many a PA game looks like it would be a blast to play during the apocalypse.

  2. What about mutants long after the apocalypse playing a role-playing game about adventures in the 20th century? Was that done yet? Probably not. ;P

  3. The "two hour season finale" was epic! The world crumbled around us, old characters reappeared as villains, two characters fought to the death, and a "fan favourite" main character bit it - you can't write this stuff!
    I can't wait for season two. I hope we finally get a child adventurer to boost ratings - I'm looking at you Cotton with your Artful Dodger idea.

  4. Amazingly epic, I was honored to be a part of spreading such madness.... and speaking of earthlings falling down dark wells, I predict a little cockney theif appears on Algol:

    Oy guv'nah! Et be oi meself, Chadwick Toothbottam, at yer service! (you look down and your belt and pouch are gone, as is Chadwick except for the sound of his shoes padding off in the distant alleyway)

    Hells yes!

  5. New cast members for season two. I heard that Dickie Dee was asking for 4,000 gold credits an episode so they had to kill him off.

  6. Thanks for putting up with the ordeal's hoping that Season 2 meets or surpasses the previous year!