Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Last Four Sessions Have Been A Grim Bloodbath...

- The devastation of the major local city by a massive flying cube.
- PC death due to his brain being pulled out of his face by a Thelidu.
- The unleashing of a civilization-destroying linguistic virus.
- PC death due to being machine-gunned down by a Talos tank-centaur-robot while 66% ethereal.
- PC death by a zombie-fied linguistic virus infected PC.
- The infected PC consequently slain by the party.
- PC dismemberment by the inhabitants of a toad-pit.
- A new PC charmed and level drained into dust by a Sluggoth (Arduin).
- And lastly, a TPK by the agency not by Cthulhu or Darth Vader, but by flowers..


  1. Ah! That explains the oblique questions along the lines of "if my players make a saving throw vs intelligence is it ok to kill them?"

  2. Doug and I laughed the other day when we both realized neither the Baron or Captain were gonna be around. When the leadership goes out the window our party suffers terribly.

  3. See. Dead PCs, and everything's just fine.

  4. Bravo! Retro-Stupid play at it's finest.

  5. Haters gonna hate.

  6. "The unleashing of a civilization-destroying linguistic virus"

    Was it Achy Breaky Heart?

  7. Yes Sean, You and Doug make the best decisions...I'd count your lucky pennies you weren't there too!

    I say this with a smile.

    RIP Kalervo! enter Xarnagan!

    PS-Ditto Icarus, and It was a question of fortitude, not intelligence-- the Jungles of the Slime Lands are a tough and dangerous place....where even flowers can kill you, rather quickly.

  8. Sounds like time for another PC Casting Call. Hopefully they're ready for their close-ups.

    Old school gaming doesn't have training wheels. Choices matter. Decisions can come back to haunt your characters, and sometimes, sometimes everything can go really, really wrong.

    Assemble a team to go recover their bones or their gear. Hire some know-nothing mercs to go find out what happened. Send in the clones. Get over it and start a fresh group, maybe this time with some sort of local rumors that talk about what all has happened recently.

    The linguistic virus doesn't have to destroy everything. There are contraviruses in Riskail; just buy some off of the Jarpha. Also, consider the opportunity to revise and reshape things a bit before nullifying the virus. Who will rise to the ocassion to save Planet Algol from this ravaging menace? Sounds like a pitch for a band of heroes...dunnit?

    Good luck. This ought to be a lot of fun, for you and your players, if seen from a certain perspective.

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