Sunday, June 20, 2010

"On the Cursed Nature of the Universe And Why We Must Destroy It"

by The Herald of Apocalypse, Supreme Prophet-Priest of The Lords of Change of the Archetemple of Chaos of Ozlaziatl in The Demon Wastes

"Those sniveling cowards who kowtow to the Lords of Light spout a veritable wind of drivel about "The Planes" or "The Scientific Nature of Reality." Know this...all that is beastshit and gaseous digestive excretions, lies and delusions vomited out of fear by those unwilling to remove the scales from their true eyes and perceive reality for what it truly is.

Yet again I reiterate the central mystery of our cult, the truth-legend that defines our entire way of life and existence.

A long time ago we were all made of cosmic fire, of azoth, of alkahest. We were titans, we were demons, we were dragons, we were gods, but all of that and infinitely more. We lived of pure existence of unshackled will and unbridled desire.

While were sported, wild and free, one of our brothers suggested a game. The we build a world as a toy and stage a game within it. We made up a universe and as we invented its contents the inventor would pretend to be what they created. Some of us pretended to be the stars and planets, some of us the beasts and people, some of us the gravity and winds.

But our brother who suggested this game was decietful and betrayed us, for as we invented the components of the universe and assumed their guises, he worked a curse into the play and we forgot our true nature and were glamoured into believed that we were what we portrayed. And our betraying-brother kept this false-universe and us who are imprisoned within it as a trophy to gloat over.

The curse of this false-universe has chained us to time, and has been ongoing for countless billions of years as we play out this shadow-existence. But some of us remember, and some of use can awaken to some small degree, and gain much puissance and enlightenment from this process.

And so we howl for our brethren who were not part of the curse-game and remain outside of this false-universe. And we work to defy our brother who imprisoned us and to break down the illusion-reality of this false-universe and bring it to an end, no matter what it requires, so that we will be free again."


  1. So, there are $cientologists on Algol.

  2. This is awesome and fertile stuff.

  3. Gnosticism. Why'd it have to be Gnosticism? I mean snakes, yeah, that's it. Why'd it have to be snakes...

    Fun stuff. Too bad about the S-guys. Might have to hire some mercenaries to clear them out...and I know a few good names to suggest...

  4. Perfect. Just Perfect.

  5. ah man, that's the dude I was stuck talking to in the kitchen at Ricky's 21st - did my heed in.

    Back of the net, Blair !

  6. Ah, Gnosticism.

    Read (if you haven't already) David Lindsay's A Voyage to Arcturus. It is both one of the most powerful statements of Gnosticism I've ever read and one of the most powerful fantasy novels I've ever read.

  7. Kult meets Moorcock for the win.

    Smooth, real smooth.

  8. Scientologists = Advanced Symbologists on Algol. My ill fated Hyperborian sorcerer, Jek Mor, was into Advanced Symbology.

    I'm enjoying the "gnostic con game" flavour of this cosmology.