Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Nature of "The Planes"

by The Esteemed Matter-Dissecting Eye - Jorsh Gil-Hotay, Bureauphant-Technocrat of Scholar-House Mhothay, Vassal House to the Controller of Agog City

"Although it is impolitic to contradict the more literal minded of our theognomic colleagues in the hierlogic bodies, the widely held view of the "planes," especially as presented in legends and folktales is indeed a quaint distortion of the true scientific reality of planar phenomenon.

As those with the benefit of a education in scientific matters are aware, space and time are merely two dimensions of the body of the universe. Indeed our perception of time as forward flowing is merely an artifact of our perception of the velocity of our elemental matter as it flows through the currents of space-time.

As an adjacent to that fact, what is commonly called the "Planes" in the aforementioned folktales and legends are merely regions located further behind or ahead of our location on the Time-Axis of the Universe, and what we call "Planar Travel" is merely simple time travel.

At one unimaginably distant point is what is colloquially called "The Fountains of Creation," the Energy-Pole of the Universe, often inaccurately refereed to as "The Beginning of Time" or "The Birth of The Universe." A region of endless cascading rays of pure, primal light-energy.

Further along the Time-Axis this primal energy begins to crystallize and coalesce as it's vibrations change, and much of it transforms into Inchoate Matter, the raw material of the body of the universe, infused with the primal energy of creation, propelled along by the force of the beam-streams of primal energy emitted by the Energy-Pole. This region is called "The Inchoate Phase."

This Inchoate Matter further interweaves and harmonizes with different variations of itself further down the Time-Axis, transforming into the conventional material universe as us Men perceive it, with, as previously mentioned, our perception of time being a result of our velocity away from the Energy-Pole.

Further along the time-axis, much of the primal energy and velocity has been expelled, and the matter of the universe becomes corrupt and decayed by entropy as a result. The harmonies of reality and the physical laws become twisted and curdled in this region, known as "The Entropic Phase," partially as a result of the emanations from the Entropy-Pole that lies at the region of space-time opposite to the Energy-Pole, which functions as "The Mother of All Black Holes," sucking up all the matter and energy that passes through the universe.

What are commonly referred to as "Extradimensional Beings," "Entities," "Demons," and the like, are in actuality natural creatures that evolved according to the alien-to-our nature of the physical laws and energies of their distant region along the Time-Axis, many of which temporarily exist in both their native and our regions simultaneously."


  1. You are on a roll lately, my friend.

  2. Sweet!

    In my mind, this explains the origins of the Deodands (among many other entities) on Algol.

  3. Nice! A very clever re-conception.